Monday, 6 April 2015

Hello! I'm back... with a little exhibition treat!

Aaaaaah! What a really long time it's been between blogging. Without getting into too much nitty gritty, I just needed some time out. But it feels really nice to be back. I have this newfound sparkle and spirit about my little jookiku world and am really excited about sharing it all with you in 2015. Yay!

Hey, what better way to share my jookiku characters than with an exhibition! One of my little characters, Alastair the bunny, was transformed into 3D for an exhibition titled "Little Creatures" held in the shop/gallery called "The Creatory" in Summer Hill, Sydney. The only prerequisite was that every creation could only be 15cm or under. The exhibition started last Saturday week, March 28 and runs till Saturday April 11. So if you are in the area, there is still time to take a peek! Please pop over and take a look at "The Creatory" blog here....they have a special link to the blogs of all the different 'makers' explaining each of their creative processes. And they have even featured really lovely pics of Alastair on their blog and facebook page too :)

It's so funny as I haven't done any kind of paper mache since I was a kid, but I had a definite 'flash' of an image in my head of one of my little characters as a paper mache creation. And that is where the idea of Alastair: Bunny By Day, Crusader By Night, was born. I have attached some photos showing the process....starting with bending fuse wire to create the shape, then  applying paper mache over that frame. After lots of blowdrying, Alastair was then ready to paint.....that was the fun bit, he really came to life then. And then dressing him....making a little red velvet jacket and using lots of coloured felt for bits and pieces (felt has got to be my favourite type of fabric-no hemming!!)

And walaaa...Alastair appeared!!

I think he has been having fun over at "The Creatory" with his other little friends and he was actually sold on the first day of the exhibition, so will be off to his new home.

He is my first ever 3D jookiku character, but has definitely inspired me to make more....I can't wait! I think there will be a jookiku menagerie very soon!

So lovely to be back....see you soon xxxx


  1. So nice to see the making side. Thanks Julianne!

    1. Thank you Romana! So lovely to be a part of the exhibition!