Friday, 14 June 2013

Welcome to the Pin Hop!

Hello and welcome to our Pin hop! A kind of a tweak to the old blog-hop idea...that is, a quicker way to look at the work of your favourite designers.

A big thank you to Tina Olsen, for coming up with this idea and organising lots of designers (not an easy task!) This is how our Pin hop will work: on Saturday June 15, over 40 surface pattern designers will pin one design each onto a pinterest board, you are then able to click onto the designs you like, which will link you back to that particular designers' blog/website and to more of their designs...ta-dah! A fab new 'hop' idea.

The inspiration for our 'pinned' patterns are derived from 4 different themes provided by the A/W 13-14 trend board by Patternbank. I chose Midnight Garden to inspire me for my patterns...

"Actually, Alice....."

"Storybook shadows"

"Far-away fables"

Ok, well my inspiration began with the 'Midnight Garden' theme, however i admit i did go off on a bit of a tangent which was definitely influenced by Tim Burton, old fairytales, vintage packaging, my nan's doilies, paper cut-outs....i think that covers it! And i also had an overwhelming desire to just draw in lead pencil (something i haven't done in years!) Even though it was pretty time-consuming, i really enjoyed the process!

To head back to our Pinterest board, just click here.... if you would like to 'hop' to the next designer (like a traditional blog hop), please visit the very talented Emma Hawman from Emma Frances Design.

Thanks for taking a peek! ;) 


  1. Absolutely charming illustrations. ...and I would love to wear "Actually Alice..." as a scarf or as a dress! Or even for Home Decor :-)
    Let me know if you ever have it printed!

  2. Julianne, what an FABULOUS collection!!! Def among my favorites from the pin hop. The first 2 designs are my favorite favorites!!! hehehe
    THat beautiful and ethereal girl is amazing!
    did you hand-colored them? with what? I really love the effect :D

  3. Oh Majo you are so lovely!! Thank you for your gorgeous words! Yes, i just drew (and shaded) them with a HB pencil, time consuming, but very meditative :) xx