Friday, 5 April 2013

The new girl

There is a new girl in the jookiku neighbourhood....i'd like you to meet, Jooni.

She is a bit of a character this one, a little bossy, a little sassy... she has even made her way over to my website...homepage no less! I think she may be sticking around for a while...even popping up on all sorts of treats (treats that will be found in my shop-yes, that online shop that really will be opening...i promise!)

...back to Jooni, here is a little bit about her...

age: older than she looks!
starsign: Scorpio
favourite food: creme brulee and dark Lindt chocolate...combined is even better!
favourite singer: Dolly Parton
favourite song: Jolene
occupation: circus performer (having a little holiday here at jookiku indefinitely due to a knee injury!)
favourite colour: black + white (with a splash of yellow or hot pink)  
favourite animal: elephant (obviously from her circus days!)
favourite place to hang out: jookiku....of course!

I think she may get herself into some mischief around here...will keep you posted on all her escapades ;) 


  1. Jooni is adorable, and looks like she's witty too :)
    Love how you name and give a personality to your characters… do you mind if I start doing it too with mine?

  2. thank you Majo....yes, go for it...all our creations have little personalities and definitely should be named xx

  3. Love her! I can totally relate to the knee injury & Dolly Parton I think we would be friends! Kx

  4. I love Jooni and her sweet & sassy little personality!! Adorable!