Sunday, 27 January 2013


I find inspiration to 'create' from so many facets of my life. And i think, sometimes, i have days where i am not actually creating/making/drawing, but am looking and absorbing only. And what has inspired me, sits with me for a while....i really like that time.

I have been having that 'time' the past week. Because i have a 'just-turned-5 year old' the luxury of going to the movies, obviously just doesn't happen as often as it used to. Now when i go to the movies, it is even more special than ever.  Just recently i went to see the most beautiful movie (recommended by a gorgeous new friend), the movie was Life of Pi.

This blog doesn't review films, i am no film reviewer, that's for sure, however, i was totally blown away by this movie. It was so so beautiful - visually, creatively and spiritually. It left me quite speechless and it 'sat' with me for days. Ang Lee is a genius.

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