Friday, 30 November 2012

the 'efuto' drive

Look at these funny little envelopes?? What are they for? Well, i'll of my fellow surface pattern design graduates, Gill Eggleston (you can find her over here), had this great idea. it is called an 'EFUTO' drive: (efuto is japanese for picture envelope). The plan was to design 2 envelopes in your style, send one to a fellow surface pattern designer friend. My recipient is Karen McGregor (you can find her gorgeous blog here) and the other envelope, you mail back to yourself (complete with stamp and postmark). Gill is then going to compile a little book, containing the envelope artworks that we have sent back to ourselves (they will be digital artworks of course). It will be a great little directory of surface pattern designers. Can't wait to see the finished product! Will keep you posted...pardon the pun :)

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