Sunday, 4 November 2012

Not just for the kidlets!

I am a big fan and collector of kids' books - i love them! I am always looking out for great ones to add to my collection - new or old, it really doesn't matter. Some of my favourites are the Golden Books at the supermarket! I get especially excited when they are stories and illustrations reproduced from the '50's and '60's, like the one in the top pic "I Can Fly"- (originally published 1951, written by Ruth Krauss and illustrated by Mary Blair) - so cute!

Another 'vintage' favourite is Miroslav Sasek's "This is San Francisco"(first published in 1962). I absolutely love his illustrations and his "This is..." travel series of books, the illustrations are timeless.
And you really can't go past Maurice Sendak for inspiring. I remember reading his books when i was young and "Where the Wild Things Are" is a favourite of my 4 year old, we read it at least once a week before bedtime.

A more current illustrator that i love is Sara Fanelli, who illustrated 'Wolf" and "Pinnochio" from my pics above. Her quirky, collagey, loose style is gorgeous.

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  1. oh.. I love them too Julianne! They are always so adorable and full of inspiration :)